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A Dining Table is a Natural Gathering Point

The dining table is the heart of many homes, especially in modern residences where a significant part of the space is often dedicated to large open kitchen-dining areas. Place a dining table from Nordal with beautiful dining chairs anywhere in the room, and you'll experience how it magnetically attracts both small and large gatherings. We intuitively know that there's calm and presence around any dining table, and it's up to you whether you prefer a black wooden dining table, a round table in white marble, or cool iron as the centerpiece. Since the table is usually located near the kitchen, it's obvious to choose materials that complement the same style. If your kitchen features an industrial design with open gas burners, black-and-white surfaces, and steel shelves, a Nordal dining table in iron and marble paired with simple dining chairs will complete the look while adding a personal touch to your dining room. Fortunately, the dining table has the same magnetic effect on us, whether today's dish is a well-prepared simmered dish served on lovely ceramic plates alongside candle holders and a nice tablecloth, or if you opt for a quick solution unpacked from a doggy bag and served directly in a to-go box, placed sporadically amidst a stack of glasses and cutlery.

Nordal Dining Tables in Danish Design

The most important aspect of choosing a dining table is having enough space and a durable surface. The large surface of a round dining table with a diameter of 120 cm or 140 cm can easily switch functions and transform from a dining situation to a workspace, a creative area with drawings and modeling clay, or a space for immersing yourself in the double-sided article in today's newspaper. So, consider all the functions you want to have in a table before deciding between a square dining table for 4 people or a larger rectangular dining table for 6 people, and opt for a table in confidently timeless Danish design. A dining table is typically one of the largest pieces of furniture in a home, and in the decor, the weight of the table naturally signals grounding and calm. For families with children, the dining table hopefully creates a breathing space for a short while, and during the evening meal at the oval dining table, we as parents have time to listen to our little ones' stories about their day. For couples, the dining table can be a catalyst for deep conversations over a glass of cool white wine. When we sit down at the table in a comfortable dining chair with armrests, we promise each other our presence in a rapidly accelerating everyday life, where work and the ubiquitous pings from electronic devices demand our attention. Create inviting frames for more quality time in your decor with our complete range of consoles, exclusive mirrors, elegant pendants, and display cabinets, all of which you can shop right here in Nordal's webshop.