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High-Quality Home Textiles from Nordal

Home textiles from Nordal constitute a large and exciting universe in themselves. Explore our complete range of throws, bedspreads, cushions, placemats, tablecloths, fabric napkins, towels, dishcloths, and many other textiles for the home, and get inspired on how to give your home decor a whole new look with just a few touches. With exploratory patterns, fashionable color shades, and curious material combinations, Nordal's textiles provide you with ample opportunity to mix and match classic black with more colorful fabrics, depending on the mood you desire in your home. If you're in the mood for festivity and vibrancy, simply add color to your living room by enhancing a neutral and uniform sofa and accompanying armchairs with decorative pillows in bold colors and experimental designs. Complete the look with a beautiful and eye-catching rug, a classic display cabinet with vases and serving trays, and an exclusive floor lamp. If you feel more comfortable in a more calming environment, you can opt for neutral pillows in various materials. Aim for a soft tactile experience with velvet, fur, and fringes, and natural textiles like linen, add a throw from Nordal for the perfect soft embrace. Display your most decorative home textiles on a beautiful coat rack. Nordal's textiles are always of high quality, and on our webshop, you'll surely find fabrics that fits into your home, whether you need a comprehensive renewal or just a set of fashionable knitted dishcloths to complement your kitchen equipment.

Textiles set the mood

Textiles are an important part of home decor. While furniture and lamps constitute the major structural elements, home decor and textiles contribute to creating the overall ambiance, feeling of home, and coziness. With home textiles from Nordal, you're ensured both visual appeal and quality. At Nordal, we challenge the classic patterns and materials with our playful approach to design, and on our webshop, you'll find a wide selection of exciting and inspiring textiles - from decorative pillows and throws to dishcloths and fabric napkins - where only your imagination sets the limits. Make your table setting extra stylish with a beautiful tablecloth and linen napkins along with a large vase in glass, or set the mood with placemats in jute or bamboo paired with stoneware dinnerware and brass cutlery for a trendy and fashionable look. Also, use home textiles to create a luxurious and inviting atmosphere in the bedroom with a pile of large pillows in different sizes, shapes, and materials and a bedspread in linen or cotton casually draped over the duvets. Or extend summer evenings on the terrace with a quilted cotton blanket, soft chair cushions, and a couple of stylish LED lanterns. Shop online at Nordal's webshop, which offers the complete range of inviting furniture in Danish design, beautiful lamps, decorative mirrors, detailed interior decor, inviting dining tables, and find our home outlet with products for your home at advantageous prices.

Dive into various colors and patterns

Nordal offers a vast and exciting assortment of home textiles and fabric, which with its many different expressions and applications will undoubtedly add personality and exciting new details to your home. The overall impression is in the detail, and while the major investments such as furniture and lamps form the base, interior decor and fabric home textiles are the mood setters, providing color, texture, and warmth to the home. Here, you can truly unleash your creativity and go all out with striking colors and expressive patterns. However, there are some guidelines you can follow to ensure a consistent feeling of harmony. Create balance in your decor by mixing different fabrics and qualities. Heavy with light or coarse with soft. Contrasts in surfaces will add an interesting expression to the room. Similarly, you can play with colors and patterns in your home decor. When you add a couple of patterned pillows in bold colors to a sofa or armchair with a uniform surface, it creates dynamism in the living room, while a practical bench in the kitchen can be revitalized with a floral cushion. At Nordal's webshop, we have fabric home decor you to suit your needs.

Choose the right soft materials

Are you also eager to fill your home with soft pillows, warm blankets, and beautiful fabric home accessories? You're far from alone. The cool and minimalist Nordic look, which has been dominant for several years, is being challenged by a more southern-inspired interior style, where warmth with a variety of textiles and darker colors is the focal point. At Nordal, we have been inspired by the bohemian style and the traditions of warmer climes for many years, and in our extensive range of fabric home accessories, you'll find a wealth of exotic patterns, vibrant colors, and exciting material combinations. Keep in mind that different materials have different properties. Natural materials like wool and cotton are both durable and comfortable, while wool is also flame retardant. Synthetic materials have the advantage of being easy to clean, and then there's velvet, which is a material that has truly flourished again in recent years. Not only is it beautiful, it's also easy to maintain and surprisingly durable, making it suitable for pillows, armchairs, and sofas. At Nordal's webshop, you can purchase our complete range of fabric home accessories, as well as find our bestsellers and news in luxurious furniture, original interior decor, beautiful wall lamps, and much more for your home.