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Beautiful interior from Nordal Interiors

The selection of home decor from Nordal is a completely luxurious, diverse, and whimsical universe. Our entire range of interior is originally Danish design. Here you will find all our categories of interesting interior that invites you to further exploration. Our unique interior designs combine clean lines with romanticism, connecting cool Nordic stringency with the vibrant energy of the East. While you define the overall look of your home with furniture and paint, you can easily vary the overall expression in your rooms with your home decor and minor rearrangements of the sofa, shelving, and coffee table. In our assortment, you'll find everything your heart desires in mood-setting utility art such as candle holders, lanterns, tealight holders, and candles that can adorn larger furniture pieces like dining tables, side tables, and display cabinets. We also have a wide range of marble interior items such as bowls, cutting boards and lamps. With a white marble tealight holder, you can effortlessly add elegance and raw edge to your spaces. The fine natural material fits into many diverse decor styles, and it's incredibly durable – when you decorate with marble, you have your interior for life. Nordal's range of home decor also includes products for the entrance, such as fine shelves, elegant coat racks, simple clothes ladders, and high-quality doormats. All elements are created in Nordal's unique design language, warmly welcoming your guests as soon as they step into your home.

Home decor & utility art in Danish design

It is often the interior of your home that creates the atmosphere and coziness while also revealing something about you. While home decor is not always the main element in the decor, it is in the details that you can truly put your personal touch on your home. Here, the carefully chosen photo frame for the family portrait and the perfectly sized bowl for the keys in the entryway truly shine and create cohesion in the framework of your home. Home decor in your home is also excellent for breaking the clean surfaces that often arise in a strict Nordic interior style. Use a bubbled texture on a vase or a round tray influenced by the texture of a seashell to soften the many hard edges of a large bookshelf and create depth. A tray can also change its expression and dimensions playfully when its surface is covered with soft suede and placed in front of a mirror. In Nordal's collections of interior, you can be sure to find original objects created with great attention to detail by highly creative forces that challenge the traditional. Also, look for affordable interior in our home decor outlet. Feel at home in our special selection of luxurious home textiles and carpets, our wide range of kitchenware, interior for the bathroom, and large and small furniture.

Create exciting spaces with unique objects

Your choice of utility art and practical items for the home is crucial when decorating and rearranging. At Nordal, you will find a rich selection of objects that have a slightly different detail, breaking with the ordinary and ensuring a safe choice. Go for the unique and whimsical with a touch of something classic to create exciting spaces for the eye, where it can explore combinations of utility art, furniture, and colored surfaces in your home. Nordal's objects are perfect for forming larger contexts in the home. A small decorative item or a beautiful ornament can provide perspective and depth on tables, window sills, and on your shelves. Nordal's complete range of utility art is full of large and small objects in all kinds of color combinations, shapes, and functions inspired by all four corners of the world. Combine varied materials, tactility, and multiple design languages that still speak to each other and complement each other when you create still lifes in your rooms.

The decor tells something about you

The common thread in Nordal's products is always functionality, personality, and creativity, which is also reflected in our many different interior designs, where materials such as brass, wood, glass, iron, and metal often appear. Find new inspiration in our wide range of unique things from Nordal that will blend beautifully into all conceivable styles. Whether you prefer a soft bohemian expression and decorate with colorful oases, or if your home is characterized by Danish design classics and Scandinavian minimalism in cool shades, you will find suitable additions to your rooms here. The fine objects and useful objects are suitable for homes, workplaces, and public environments that need a more personal and interesting touch. Here, home decor from Nordal is an obvious and budget-friendly choice when you are looking for a common thread that can connect spaces. It is often the interplay between the large elements and trinkets, candle holders, and vases that creates the presence of that elusive 'coziness.' See also our multifaceted selection of beautiful kitchenware, stylish lamps, popular display cabinets, fine textiles, and exciting news for your home.