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Display Cabinets from Nordal in high quality

Display cabinets from Nordal will spice up any home with their aesthetics and stylish design. These beautiful pieces of furniture are among our most popular items with their countless usability options, and we completely understand why. Nothing but your imagination sets the limit for how you choose to use them. Aim for an exclusive look in the kitchen or dining room and fill Nordal's iconic metal display cabinet with exquisite plates and cutlery, beautiful glasses and pitchers, decorative dishcloths, as well as detailed vases and other interior items deserving to be showcased behind transparent glass doors. Alternatively, utilize a wall-mounted brass display cabinet in the bathroom, where space may be limited, for storing makeup, creams, towels, and jewelry. In the living room a teak wood display cabinet with woven doors will add stylish charm while functioning as a beautiful hiding spot for games, knitting needles and yarn, piles of paper, electronics, and other items we surround ourselves with that don't necessarily adorn the surfaces of our homes. In Nordal's webshop, we have a wide selection of display cabinets in different materials, designs and colors, and we always guarantee durable materials and timeless design that will endure in any decor for years to come. When you invest in a display cabinet from Nordal, you're not only buying a piece of Danish quality furniture but you are also acquiring a piece of furniture that becomes even more beautiful with time.

Nordal Display Cabinets are modern classics

With a Nordal display cabinet, you're investing in a piece of Danish design as well as a modern furniture classic. Our timeless designs combined with high functionality mean that Nordal's display cabinets can fit into any home and style, and they have already found their place in many homes world wide. Choose one of our iconic metal display cabinets to adorn a wall in the dining room - either to provide an exciting contrast to a wooden dining table, chairs and soft pendant lighting or to support an already raw and exclusive style with a marble table and velvet chairs. A black display cabinet from Nordal is also a very beautiful piece of furniture in itself, and by decorating the shelves with the right elements, you can create an almost artistic and aesthetic focal point in your home. At the same time, there are several advantages to placing the things you love to look at in a white display cabinet rather than a shelf, as they won't collect dust in the same way, and you minimize the risk of something falling to the floor and breaking. In Nordal's webshop, you can shop a wide range of beautiful display cabinets as well as find inspiration on how to style your Nordal display cabinet to fit perfectly into your home. You'll also find our complete range of stylish lamps, exquisite furniture, beautiful textiles, comfortable plaids, outdoor furniture and decor for garden spaces, and intricately detailed home decor items.