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Furniture from Nordal in high quality

Nordal's furniture encompasses a large and very diverse range of beautiful shelves, distinctive display cabinets, eye-catching dining tables, stylish chairs and benches in beautiful design, artistic coffee tables, and much more, all available for online purchase. What they all have in common is that they are beautiful, functional, and creative - always of good quality. Here on Nordal's webshop, you can surely find furniture that fits into your home. For example, style a round dining table with a beautiful pendant light and a detailed vase for a modern and extravagant expression, or utilize the space under the mirror in the entrance with a practical console table from Nordal, a couple of mood-setting candle holders, and a serving tray for keys and the like. It is in the interplay between furniture and interior that the entirety and the feeling of home arise. While small details such as decor, utility art, and rugs can be changed and rearranged according to trends and mood, furniture, together with lamps, creates a safe and stable foundation. Therefore, it is important to choose furniture that can last for many years. By using quality materials exclusively and thinking in terms of durable design, Nordal creates precisely such furniture. Designer furniture that is meant to be used and, with proper care, can be passed down to the next generation. With furniture from Nordal, you do not only ensure functionality and beautiful design in one, but also consume more sustainably by choosing quality over quantity.

Shop furniture for your personal style

With furniture from Nordal, you have plenty of opportunities to decorate your home exactly as you want. Each room in the home has a special function, and by choosing furniture accordingly, you can ensure both functionality and well-being. Nordal offers endless possibilities. On our webshop, you can explore our complete range of furniture for all rooms in the house and get inspired for your next home project. If you feel most comfortable in Nordic minimalism, where light wood types, pastel colors, and natural materials are central, Nordal's light dining chairs will fit nicely as a modern classic, or an extravagant marble coffee table can create an exciting contrast. If you lean more towards an artistic bohemian style, a rattan bedhead, a beautifully quilted bedspread, and pillows in various colors will create the perfect bedroom where you will wake up every morning with the feeling of being in Bali. On the other hand, if you are all in for a more glamorous look, you can advantageously furnish a corner in the living room with heavy velvet armchairs and a set of beautiful side tables, or you can fill one of Nordal's iconic metal display cabinets with luxurious kitchenware along with beautiful water and champagne glasses for an exclusive look in the kitchen. Also, shop our complete range of beautiful lamps, decorative mirrors, fine coat racks, eye-catching wall decorations, detailed interior, modern sofas, soft home textiles, and our extensive online home outlet.

Exciting decor for your home

Nordal has everything you need when decorating your home. The things you surround yourself with are not without significance. On the contrary, it's important that you choose furniture and interior that both reflect you and your personality, and make your home a safe and pleasant place to be. And although what makes a home varies from person to person, there are still a number of elements that are common. Science suggests that most people actually feel most comfortable in rooms with round and soft lines rather than rooms with sharp corners everywhere. You can therefore advantageously think in organic shapes on armchairs and sofas when furnishing the living room, hang an oval mirror in the entrance, or choose a round dining table instead of the classic rectangular one to break with the often sharp expression in the kitchen. At Nordal, we have a wide range of products for the home that challenge the classic forms and at the same time add an extra touch of exciting details and color combinations. Also, consider the tactile experience in your home and play with different materials and types of surfaces. Combine, for example, soft rugs and airy pillows with a hard wooden bench to create a harmonious mix.

Decorate according to function and mood

At Nordal, function and aesthetics go hand in hand. With our quality materials and durable designs, guaranteed to fit into most homes and styles, you can furnish your home with our extensive range of products so that it becomes both inviting and beautiful to look at, while also accommodating all the functions you need. When choosing furniture, it's important to consider what you want the room to be able to do, and then spice up the decor with mood-setting interior and utility art depending on mood and style. For example, the living room forms a unifying frame that invites family and friends to engage in good conversations and cozy gatherings, and therefore, an arrangement with an armchair, a daybed, and a side table can be useful. At the same time, there should also be space to relax alone - preferably on a soft and embracing sofa. For many, the kitchen is not only a stage for cooking but also where homework is done, where the week is planned, where a cool glass of wine is enjoyed, and where big and small things are discussed over dinner. Therefore, it is essential to have a beautiful dining table with comfortable chairs around it - possibly added with a practical bar stool. On Nordal's webshop, you will find everything you need for your home.