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Table Lamps from Nordal for Every Room

Table lamps from Nordal are very diverse in expression, and therefore they will fit beautifully into all areas of the house. Whether you need a table lamp for the desk, the living room, or perhaps a lamp for the side tables in your bedroom, you can undoubtedly find one that suits both style and function here on Nordal's webshop. Explore our complete range, which spans from classic table lamps in marble, glass, ceramic, and metal to beautiful lampshades in velour and exciting table lamps in natural materials and practical wireless LED lanterns. Find inspiration in your light sources on how lighting can alter the expression in your home. A table lamp has the advantage of being portable, unlike both pendants and wall lamps, thus it can change function and expression according to your mood and needs. A fashionable table lamp in wood and smoked glass from Nordal or a sleek table lamp in copper or metal will fit fantastically into the traditional Nordic interior style. Use it as ambient lighting on a windowsill alongside a couple of beautiful candlesticks and a decorative vase, or as reading light on a side table by the sofa. If you aim to create a contrast to the minimalist tendencies, you can effectively add an extravagant touch to your living room with an exclusive marble table lamp. At Nordal, we always prioritize quality and long-lasting design over fleeting trends, so you're guaranteed a table lamp that will last for many years.

Glass Table Lamps from Nordal

With a glass table lamp from Nordal, you not only get good and comfortable light, but you're also guaranteed a lamp of high quality and exclusive Danish design that will adorn your home beautifully, whether you place it on your shelf, on the desk, or on a console table in the entryway. With our wide range of table lamps from Nordal, you will surely find a lamp that has both the function and the expression you seek. If you need a desk lamp for your home workspace, a simple table lamp in black or beige would be a perfect choice. If you want to enhance the feeling of luxury, you can instead opt for one of Nordal's table lamps in metal and marble. You can also consider placing a table lamp in ceramic with a soft shade in a tactile fabric in your living room for a fashionable and mood-setting element. Or go all-in on the classic and extravagant look by styling a marble coffee table from Nordal with an exclusive glass lamp base and a beautiful velour lampshade. In the bedroom, a table lamp will function beautifully as a night light on a side table, offering a softer and cozier alternative to the classic wall lamps. Choose a lamp in woven wicker, which will provide the perfect soft expression with associations to the relaxed South Eastern vibe. Complete the style with a soft carpet, colorful cushions, and a leather or rattan headboard from Nordal. Here at Nordal's online shop you'll find table lamps for every room and taste, just as you can browse and shop our complete range of beautiful furniture, luxurious textiles, exclusive mirrors, statement display cabinets, practical kitchen storage, and intricately detailed interior décor for your home.