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Pendant lights from Nordal in exclusive designs

With a pendant light from Nordal you are guaranteed a lamp with a wow factor. Our rich assortment of pendant lights all have in common that they, besides being of extremely high quality, are also designed in an exclusive look tending towards the extravagant. If you wish to spice up your everyday life with an element of luxury, a pendant light from Nordal is a perfect match for you. Whether you prefer the classic and subdued or the Nordic and minimalist expression, Nordal naturally also has a large selection of lamps to suit your preferences. Install a beautiful pendant light in glass and brass over the dining table to spread light over cozy moments with good food and deep conversations. You could also create a unifying element in the living room with a beautiful marble coffee table and a bamboo pendant light providing soft and comfortable light. Assemble a series of smaller pendant lights in transparent or smoked glass to create a small masterpiece, which is both beautiful to the eye and provides the necessary light for a cozy reading corner along your bookshelves in the living room. If you're lucky enough to have high ceilings, you can go all out in the dining room with a striking chandelier with white alabaster from Nordal or a brass chandelier with up to 20 bulbs for a lavish expression. Explore our complete range of pendant lights from Nordal online and find styling tips on how they will fit into your home.

Choose a pendant light in glass or brass

Pendant lights from Nordal will beautifully complement most homes with their timeless and aesthetic design. A pendant light is much more than just a light source. With the right lamp, you can add a personal and mood-setting element to your home decor. If you're into vibrant and colorful decor, a lampshade in blue or red velvet might be just the right fit. If you prefer a more minimalist and classic expression, you should choose one of our many exclusive pendant lights in glass and brass from Nordal. Also, consider the functionality of your lamp. If you have a dining table that is more than 180 cm long, two lamps might be necessary to illuminate both ends of the table, or you can choose one long pendant light with multiple light sources. When looking for a lamp for the bedroom, it's important to choose a lamp that provides soft and comfortable light. Here, a pendant in natural materials such as bamboo, jute, or rattan will particularly fit well. In the kitchen, an industrial pendant in iron from Nordal will ensure quality light for work while adding a cool raw and modern expression at the same time. Additionally, add a wooden cutting board, stainless steel kitchen storage, and a display cabinet from Nordal with beautiful glass and plates to complete the look. On Nordal's official webshop, you'll find our complete range of pendants, as well as you can shop luxurious furniture, decorative mirrors, original vases, functional garden furniture, practical console tables, knobs, stylish carpets and much more for your home.