The Family

Although Signe, Mads, and Emil have different approaches, they complement each other in the best possible way. Their shared vision for Nordal is clear. They aim to create designs that tell a story about the home and the people who live in it. Through shapes and colors, details and materials.


A Sense of Home

The home is an important part of life - perhaps more so than ever before. It is a foundation where we find comfort, tranquility, and balance. Our design philosophy is clear: Nordal's interior and furniture should enable you to create an atmospheric, personal, and inspiring home. A home that reflects who you are through your styling and compositions.

Highlight your style and choose with your heart

We aim to inspire and challenge you to make individual choices when decorating your home. The balance between the familiar and the challenging is something we work extensively with at Nordal - both in our design process, product development, and styling. We believe that being challenged is both healthy and developmental. However, it is equally important that the home serves as a secure foundation that embraces everyone who lives in it."

- Signe Nordal, Creative Director at Nordal.