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Nordal lighting in Danish design

Lighting from Nordal is both functional and stylish. People need light to thrive, and just like the choice of furniture, your choice of lamp also greatly influences whether you feel comfortable in your home. Choose carefully when you look for lamps for the ceiling above your dining table, as the light here should both create a cozy atmosphere, and function as a comfortable work light for homework or reading the newspaper. By choosing a lamp from Nordal, you have the opportunity to treat yourself to even more quality of life every day - while adorning your home with beautiful Danish lamp design. We understand the importance of good lighting, which is why we offer a wide range of classic indoor lamps at Nordal, such as floor lamps, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, pendants, lamp shades, table lamps, and outdoor lights that are both functional and stylish. Pair a large floor lamp with an armchair, soft blankets in woven baskets, and a beautiful side table to create a versatile cozy corner that embraces you after a long day of work. If you prefer an adjustable lamp, you'll also find a great selection here. You can also use a portable LED lamp to cast light over warm summer evenings on the terrace. With consistent materials such as brass, bamboo, iron, copper, glass, and marble, we at Nordal have something for every taste, and we guarantee that we have the lamp your home has been missing. Explore our complete range of lighting, and find both new arrivals, bestsellers, and great deals in our home decor outlet. All ready to inspire you for your next lamp purchase.

Find your new lamp in brass, bamboo & glass

If you're in need of a bathroom lamp, bedroom lamp, bedside lamp, hallway lamp, children's room lamp, living room lamp, or office lamp, you've come to the right place. With a lamp from Nordal, you have the opportunity to create exactly the atmosphere you desire at home. And they are easy to handle, even if you're completely new to lamp installation. Style a marble coffee table with a brass sofa lamp and a light shelf to complete a both modern and classic look, or hang a round ceiling lamp in rice paper, rattan, or glass over the dining table and add beautiful decor to create a cozy and private environment inviting closeness and deeper conversations. If you're aiming for a rustic look - i.e. in the kitchen - you can advantageously choose a wall lamp and ceiling lamps in iron or copper as a contrast to your organic ceramic cups. Additionally, if you add a wooden cutting board, kitchen utensils in brass, and some beautiful glassware and plates, the associations with New York's vibrant restaurants will be unmistakable. At Nordal you will surely not run out of lighting styling options. We take pride in creating stylish dining table lights, living room lights, and lighting for every corner of the home, and we guarantee that you can find exactly what you're looking for online at our webshop. Also, shop our complete range of comfortable furniture, coffee tables for large and small seating groups, elegant display cabinets, dining chairs for your dining room, beautiful coat racks, stylish home textiles, decorative side tables, functional shelves, and much more for your home.

Stylish lighting for every room in the house

Lighting plays a significant role in our daily lives, and therefore, lamps should be carefully considered when decorating your home. We often tend to underestimate the importance of lighting, leading to its neglect in interior design. However, since different home activities require different types of lighting, it's crucial to incorporate various light sources into your decor. While some types of lighting may illuminate an entire room, others create a cozy ambiance in a corner. At Nordal, you'll discover a wide and exciting selection of lamps for every room and daily activity, ensuring you have the right light for working diligently at your desk, preparing a meal in the kitchen, or relaxing on the sofa with a good read. For instance, choose focused lighting by hanging a small wall lamp next to the bed for comfortable reading, promote presence and good conversation with ambient lighting, such as a pendant over the dining table, or create a still life in a window sill with beautiful candle holders, a decorative vase, and a smoked glass table lamp. With a Nordal lamp, you not only get excellent light, you are also assured of the highest quality in exclusive and durable design. Whatever style and function you're seeking, we confidently promise that our range includes a lamp that suits your needs.

Set the stage for your life with great lighting

Lighting is a central aspect of your home, not only for providing necessary illumination but also as an active piece of interior decoration. Lighting helps to create a specific style and ambiance, potentially contributing to overall well-being. Everyone deserves to prioritize suiting and beautiful lighting. At Nordal, you'll find lamps in various materials and styles, allowing you to mix and match to achieve the perfect look for your home. Opt for a trendy glass lamp or a metal lamp in copper or brass. Alternatively, embrace a softer aesthetic with lamps made from natural materials like bamboo or woven jute, blending seamlessly into the traditional Nordic interior style characterized by light, muted colors. For those inclined towards a more extravagant look, elevate your living room with an exclusive marble table lamp or evoke the grandeur of 19th-century ballrooms with a lavish brass chandelier suspended above the dining table. The possibilities are endless with our extensive selection. Explore our complete range of exciting home decor, beautiful coffee tables, elegant display cabinets, living room chairs, fine glassware for table settings, soft cushions, stylish clothing racks, practical wall cabinets, and much more for every corner of your home.